Scoop: Jesse James may have dirt on Sandra 

Does Sandra Bullock have a dark secret? The Oscar winner is said to be planning on filing for divorce from philandering hubby Jesse James — but a new report claims the reason she hasn’t pulled the trigger yet is that he has some serious dirt on her.

“Sandra is one of the most private actresses in Hollywood,” a source explains to Radar Online. “And the last thing she wants is Jesse out there talking about her and talking about her marriage. She’s been worried that if she drops divorce papers on him now he’ll want revenge and will try to harm her reputation.

“His behavior is so erratic that she doesn’t want to send him over the edge,” the source adds of the celebiker, who reportedly stormed out of sex-addiction rehab after Sandy refused to take a call from him. (He’s since returned to the Arizona treatment facility.)

“During the past several weeks she’s had several phone calls with Jesse and he’s pleaded with her to stay married,” the insider relays. “But he’s also grown angry when she wouldn’t agree. And that’s what has her worried and has frozen her into inaction.”

So, just what is the skeleton in Miss Congeniality’s closet? Could it be that she’s secretly just as wild as the tattoo-covered chicks Jesse apparently favors? Stay tuned ...

Kate’s Meltdown

Kate Gosselin maintains she’s doing “Dancing With the Stars” to support her eight kids, not because she loves being in the spotlight — in fact, she says she had a “meltdown” over missing quality time with them.

While getting some (ahem, much-needed) practice in the basement rehearsal space producers had built in her Pennsylvania home, the reality star “had a little meltdown while we were dancing,” she confessed to “Good Morning America.” “And I heard them upstairs. And I just started crying. And I was like, ‘I just miss my kids.’”

The idea — floated by the media and “DWTS” fans — “that I’m using my kids for fame and fortune,” Kate declares, “just does me in.”

“I hate being away from my kids,” she explains. “If it could all go away because I was financially set and I could stay home and I could bake and cook from scratch, like I love to do, I’d so be there. But the reality is … moms everywhere have to work, especially single moms. And I have to do this for my kids and I’m doing it to better their future because I love them more than anything.”

Seems like Jon, who doesn’t have primary custody of the kids, is the one who should be doing a reality show to support them. May we suggest “Celebrity Fit Club”?

Avril: New Man?

We’re awfully confused by this Avril Lavigne character. First she split from hubby Deryck Whibley … then she was spotted getting tattoos with him, sparking speculation they were a couple again. But now she’s reportedly getting hot and heavy with reality hunk Brody Jenner. Insert “complicated” joke here.

The pop star and the “Hills” star were out and about together in L.A. over the weekend, dining at Boa and then club-hopping (they hit hot spot Chateau Marmont, natch).

“They were all over each other,” a gawker told the New York Post. “They were laughing and joking and seemed pretty intimate.”
Really, Avril? Granted, it’s not like Deryck’s career has exactly been on fire lately (Sum forty-wha?). But still … the dude from “The Hills”? Downgrade!

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