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San Francisco Fire Department lends help for Lake Isabella blaze

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A wildfire in Kern County near Lake Isabella is only 5 percent contained. (Courtesy twitter.com/kerncountyfire)

San Francisco has lent its support for nearly a week in working to extinguish a 17,000 acre fire raging across Kern County in central California.

Today marks the seventh day San Francisco Fire Department firefighters fight alongside more than 1,000 California firefighters to contain the Cedar Fire, near Lake Isabella.

All told, SFFD sent 22 staff, five engines and one command vehicle to join the effort at Lake Isabella, according to SFFD spokesperson Jonathan Baxter.

Lake Isabella

Chief of State Fire and Rescue Kim Zagaris with San Francisco Strike team XSF 2251A. Strike team just back in base camp after a productive day and night of work. (Courtesy photo)

The fire is at 5 percent containment, according to the Kern County Fire Department, and was “moderately active” Saturday night.

Several communities near the fire, including in Tulare and Kern, are under mandatory evacuation order, according to Kern County Fire.

San Francisco’s strike team XSF 251A was assigned structure protection in the fire.

To date, the fire has cost nearly $8.2 million, according to Kern County Fire Department, and its cause is still under investigation.

Estimates from emergency officials say the fire may take until at least mid-September to fully contain.

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