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San Francisco Examiner Pride 2018 coverage and events calendar

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(Sarahbeth Maney 2017/Special to S.F. Examiner)

The San Francisco Examiner is brimming with Pride. Below, find our expansive Pride 2018 coverage, from a trail-blazing drag queen wrestler and a rollicking events calendar to efforts to house homeless LGBT youth.

Homeless LGBT youth gain political advocate By Laura Waxmann

More than 1,400 children and youth under the age of 25 were counted as homeless in San Francisco last year — with about half identifying as queer — yet two-year-old plans for a Navigation Center solely serving this vulnerable group have yet to come to fruition.

San Francisco’s newest supervisor, who represents neighborhoods including the Castro District, Glen Park and Noe Valley, is looking to change that, and made finding housing for The City’s homeless, particularly its marginalized youth, a key promise in his campaign.

Queer Land Trust working to preserve affordable housing, stop displacement in LGBT community By Ian Williams

A land trust is seeking to raise $5 million to purchase property to conserve LGBT strongholds in and around San Francisco, starting with the building housing the Sausage Factory restaurant.

Drag queen Pollo Del Mar wrestles for change By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez

Del Mar is among a handful of drag wrestlers in the United States trailblazing a path for the LGBT community in a hyper-masculine setting. Now Del Mar is writing new storylines for Wrestling for Charity’s bombastic wrestlers, and vows to bring even more inclusivity to the small but growing band of brawlers.

SF police to step up security for Pride celebrations By Michael Barba

Revelers coming to San Francisco for Pride celebrations this weekend should expect another year of heightened security during the parade and celebrations at Civic Center Plaza, according to police.

SF Bay Times celebrates 40th anniversary, unity between gay and lesbian communities By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez

The San Francisco Bay Times was founded forty years ago by gay men and women — together. That was an intentional focus for the small, local LGBT newspaper, said current co-publisher Betty Sullivan. “I realize there are times when gay men want to be with gay men, and lesbians want to be with lesbians,” she said. But, “I think we need to unify.”

Our Lady J breaks new ground for gender representation By Peter Lawrence Kane

A pianist and singer-songwriter who has been a writer and producer on three seasons of Transparent — as well as on Pose, Ryan Murphy’s new show about trans women of color in 1980s New York — Our Lady J will be in San Francisco this weekend in several capacities. She’ll be at the Trans March this Friday afternoon, topic and length of speech yet to be determined. And then after the Pride Parade wraps up on Sunday, Our Lady J is scheduled to perform three songs, one of them an original and another a Dolly Parton cover.

Aria Sa’id is a force for change among SF’s trans women of color By Peter Lawrence Kane

The LGBT policy advisor for San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission, Sa’id is an out trans woman who’s been active in the forthcoming Compton’s TLGB District, legislative fights on behalf of intersex children in California, and in the general push for gender-neutral public restrooms.

If any Bay Area activist and advocate defines intersectionality, it’s Oakland’s Kin Folkz By Peter Lawrence Kane

Kin Folkz, a community grand marshal in this year’s Pride event and a founder or co-founder of numerous organizations, including Spectrum Queer Media, Omni: The Bi/Pan/Trans Women and Transmen of Color Network and REVOLVE Creative Arts + Film Fest, has decades of experience to her name.

San Francisco celebrates its 15th annual Trans March at Dolores Park

A crowd of thousands filled the Mission District park Friday for a celebration of gender diversity.

PRIDE GUIDE 2018 – Our tips for Pride events June 20-24

From reports of multiple gay-bashings in Northern California to rapacious corporations like Wells Fargo rainbow-washing their foreclosures, Pride can be a little draining. It’s been a few years since the Supreme Court delivered good news to the LGBTQ community, so if some barfy evangelical ejected you from their bakery and you need something fun to do instead, read on.

For more fun stuff, here’s a big calendar http://www.sfexaminer.com/plentiful-sf-pride-parties-events/

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