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San Francisco Elections Commission appoints three to Redistricting Task Force

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The Elections Commission this week picked three people to sit on the Redistricting Task Force, the panel tasked with redrawing San Francisco’s supervisorial districts so they have roughly the same number of people living in them.

They had more than 20 candidates to choose from, but ultimately offered the job to Mark Schreiber, Melissa Tidwell and David Pilpel.

Pilpel is the candidate most familiar to City Hall: he has served on the Sunshine Task Force, has been involved with the Ethics Commission and attends most Elections Commission meetings. He’s also an advocate for Muni.

Schreiber is an attorney that has lived in San Francisco for 33 years. He has previously served on the San Francisco Civil Grand Jury and has worked on mapping of public utilities. Tidwell is a corporate lawyer with Google, who has lived in The City for five years.

The three will join three additional candidates chosen by the Board of Supervisors and another three chosen by Mayor Ed Lee. The board will begin considering candidates in the Rules Committee hearing next Thursday. Both the supervisors and Lee are obligated to choose their candidates by July 6.

Among the chief concerns of the task force will be deciding what to do with District 6, which has a skyrocketing population and will need to be shrunk, creating a domino effect that will likely change the politics, demographics and shape of virtually every district in San Francisco.


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