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San Francisco 10th graders' exit exam results

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Percentage of this year's incoming 11th-grade students who passed the exit exam as sophomores during the 2007-08 school year, compared with the percentage of incoming seniors who passed the exam as sophomores during the 2006-07 school year.


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 Mathematics English-Language Arts 
 20082007Change 20082007Change 
Abraham Lincoln High School89890 80791 
Balboa High School80737 806812 
Philip & Sala Burton High School74722 72684 
City Arts & Technology Charter High School6276-14 87834 
Downtown High School2731-4 402416 
Five Keys Charter High School28** 61** 
Galileo High School91910 79-1 
Gateway Charter High School8992-3 8491-7 
George Washington High School9091-1 87825 
Independence High School40355 836320 
International Studies High School4852-4 53467 
June Jordan Small School for Equity594712 645311 
Leadership Charter High School76715 7981-2 
Life Learning Charter High School4147-6 73712 
Lowell High School99990 99990 
Thurgood Marshall High School6869-1 59581 
Metropolitan Arts and Technology High School6680-14 7684-8 
Mission High School5065-15 4548-3 
Newcomer High School785820 202 
John O'Connell High School5153-2 53521 
Raoul Wallenberg High School74-6 7279-7 
School of the Arts High School8087-7 87870 
Ida B. Wells Alternative High School56497 63567 
District8081-1 77752 
State78762 79772 
* So few students took the test, revealing pass/fail rates would compromise individual students' privacy
Source: California Department of Education    


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