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RV driver may owe up to $10K after Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza crash

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(Photo courtesy CHP Marin)

The owner of an RV that became wedged in the Golden Gate Bridge’s toll plaza on Wednesday may owe the bridge district up to $10,000, according to a preliminary estimate.

That’s based on historical payments to toll plaza damage, said Priya Clemens, a spokesperson for the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, which she said is usually paid by a driver’s insurance. Clemens was unsure if the driver has insurance.

“There was no damage to the toll booth itself,” she said. Instead, a concrete block and “crash attenuator,” which acts as a bumper to the toll plazas, sustained damage in the plaza’s second lane.

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Broken glass was visible at the scene, she said, but that was from the RV, not the toll booth. The RV sustained damage to its door and hood, Clemens said.

Two occupants were reported trapped in the motor home, prompting a response from the California Highway Patrol, Southern Marin Fire Protection District and Golden Gate Bridge workers.

The occupants were trapped only because the door of the RV was ripped off and wedged into the toll booth, CHP officials said. They suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene.

The RV driver struck the left side of the No. 2 lane attenuator, but the RV would have had enough clearance to drive through a nearby 10-foot, 6-inch-wide lane, Clemens said.

Bay City News Service contributed to this report.

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