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Repaving Market Street a good start

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This past weekend, The City repaved several blocks of mid-Market Street. The stretch had been a bumpy ride for a long time, shaking the suspension of cars and buses and leading to a bone-jarring ride for bicyclists.

The street's condition had deteriorated as The City worked on the Better Market Street plan, a grand makeover of the central corridor to rethink how cars, buses, trains, bicycles and people traverse the street.

In a perfect world, the repaving would have waited for the rest of the upgrades, but delays in the program forced the street repairs to move faster.

More segments of Market Street will be repaved in the coming months, and all commuters will reap the benefits of the smoother ride.

Now that the repaved streets show the mess Market Street had become, it behooves city officials to move in an expedited manner toward the bigger makeover, which should create a more enjoyable commute on Market Street rather than just a smoother one.

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