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Relocated firehouse would help response

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A museum’s proposed growth could help reduce the time that firefighters take to reach blazes and injured people in the Sixth Street corridor and Tenderloin neighborhood.

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on Howard Street plans to replace the adjacent fire station with a new wing to house an art collection amassed by late Gap co-founder Don Fisher.

But first, the museum proposes to build a larger replacement firehouse for The City on land that it owns on Folsom Street between Fifth and Sixth streets.

The plan was lauded Monday by fire and museum officials.

“Approximately 75 percent of [Fire Station 1’s] call volume is focused in the Tenderloin and the Sixth Street corridor,” Fire Department Deputy Chief of Administration Monica Fields said during a Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee hearing. The proposal was sent to the full board for a vote.

“Relocating to this location would decrease our response times,” Fields added.


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