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Redistricting task force for San Francisco will begin to take shape Wednesday

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The influential group people charged with redrawing the lines of power within San Francisco will begin to take shape Wednesday.

The San Francisco Elections Commission is on the verge of choosing its three candidates for The City’s redistricting task force, which will redraw the supervisorial district lines through San Francisco – eventually changing the political landscape of San Francisco.

Redistricting occurs once every decade, and the Board of Supervisors is legally required to convene and form a task force to perform that job by July 6. The task force will be made up of 9 people – three of whom are selected by the Elections Commission, three by Mayor Ed Lee, and three by the Board of Supervisors.

The Elections Commission will meet Wednesday to choose from more than 20 candidates – a mishmash of volunteers including losing candidates, nonprofit leaders and other political figures.

Mayoral spokeswoman Christine Falvey said the mayor is still considering what he’s looking for in a task force member, but is committed to making his choice before July 6.

Whoever is on it, the task force will likely have a major say in the next decade of San Francisco politics: District 6 has grown astronomically, so some of its residents will be pushed into neighboring districts, starting a domino effect that will likely change the shape and demographics of every district in San Francisco.

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