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Punch Line dedicates month to Women in Comedy

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Maureen Langan appears at the Punch Line during Women in Comedy month. (Courtesy photo)

A decade ago, it was rare to see female performers at the Punch Line and Cobb’s Comedy Club, The City’s flagship comedy venues. But things are slowly starting to change. Women now make up about 30 percent of the acts at the two venues, according to promoters, and it seems inevitable that the ratio will one day be 50-50.

To mark the achievements of female comedians, the Punch Line has declared March to be Women in Comedy month (it also coincides with Women’s History Month.) The idea is to recognize the many extraordinary female comics in a manner that doesn’t make their contributions to comedy seem token, but celebrates them.

“I didn’t want this to have a title that incorporated anything related to clothing, shoes, makeup or anything else I’ve seen when people do all-female shows,” said Punch Line booker Molly Schminke, who helped create the event. “Why does it always have to be something like ‘Lipsticks and Laughs!’? Why can’t it just be funny-people-making-you-laugh-about-funny-things, regardless of their gender?”

Emily Heller, appearing March 17-19, says the March lineup isn’t all that different from the regular schedule at the Punch Line.

“The Punch Line always books great comedy, so this event is along those same lines,” says Heller. “It just happens that there will be a lot of women back-to-back.”

Women in Comedy
Punch Line, 444 Battery St., S.F.; (415)-397-7573, www.punchlinecomedyclub.com
March 10-12: Gina Yashere
March 15: Lydia Popovich, Bri Pruett, Emma Haney, Marcella Arguello
March 16: Janine Brito
March 22: Marga Gomez, Dhaya Lakshminarayanan
March 23: Sandy Stec from Mornings On Star 101.3
March 24-26: Ms. Pat with Amy Miller and Kelly Landry
March 29: Maureen Langan from KGO
March 30: Kelly Pryce, with Kelly Anneken, Shanti Charan, Gabby Poccia
March 31-April 2: Cristela Alonzo