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Prime minister's questions, global warming edition

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Lord Monckton, one of the leading voices in opposition to global warming hysteria, was recently singled out for critisim by the Prime Minister of Australia. In response, Monckton has posted an open letter to the Prime Minister on the website Watts Up With That? If you've been following the global warming debate, the whole thing is illuminating and entertaining. I especially enjoyed this bit:

There are 114 names on the list [of Australian represenatives at the Climate conference in Copenhagen]. One hundred and fourteen. Enough to fill a mid-sized passenger jet. Half a dozen were all that was really necessary – and perhaps one from each State in Australia. If you and your officials are not willing to tighten your belts when a tempting foreign junket at taxpayers’ expense is in prospect, why, pray, should the taxpayers tighten theirs?

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