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For Players Weekend, one Giants outfielder will wear Underpants

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Hunter Pence will wear “Underpants” on his back for Players Weekend in 2018. (Screenshot: MLB.com)

On June 5, during an ESPN televised game, San Francisco Giants starter Derek Holland was mis-named on an on-screen chyron. Instead of “Holland,” he was “Derek LAST NAME.” The next day, he said he was going to try and get that put on his Players Weekend jersey for this season.

Consider the promise fulfilled.

For the second year, Major League Baseball will hold Players Weekend, where teams wear specialty jerseys emblazoned with nicknames on the back, and the names of those who have been valuable to the player’s journey to the big leagues on the sleeve. Holland, who wore his everyday nickname, “Dutch” on his jersey last season for the Chicago White Sox, will indeed wear “LAST NAME” on his black Players weekend jersey this year.

The Giants and the rest of the major leagues will wear the jerseys Aug. 24-26, a weekend during which the uniform rules will be relaxed, and bats, spikes, batting gloves and other accoutrements will be a bit more colorful. San Francisco has officially put these specialty jerseys on sale as of Thursday, and there are more than a few new and colorful nicknames.

Newcomer Andrew McCutchen will wear “Zoom” on his back, while third baseman Evan Longoria will wear “Longo”. Hunter Pence has decided on “Underpants” after going with “Wawindaji” (“Hunter” in Swahili) last season. Outfielder Gorkys Hernandez, meanwhile, will go by “Cazador,” or “Hunter” in Spanish, for some nice symmetry.

Gerald Dempsey Posey III, unsurprisingly, went with “Buster,” and for the second year in a row, Madison Bumgarner goes with “Mad-Bum”.

Brandon Belt will be going with “Bob,” Ray Black with “Blackout”, and By Blach with “The Preacher”. All-Star shortstop Brandon Crawford — who controls clubhouse playlists, and in-stadium batting practice mixes, added to his 2017 monicker by going with “DJ BC Raw”. Injured Johnny Cueto will be going by “El Jucho.”

Rookie Steven Duggar by the relatively unimaginative “Dugg,” while Nick Hundley (“Hundo”), Pierce Johnson (“P.J.”), Mark Melancon (“Mel”), Joe Panik (“J.P.”), Will Smith (“Smitty”) and Andrew Suarez (“Andy”) will go with simpler monickers.

Relievers Sam Dyson (“PSSST”) and Tony Watson (“Tone Ranger”) are a bit more adventurous, and Reyes Moronta’s will be “El Tibu.”

Then, of course, you have the stand-bys: Jeff “Shark” Samardzija, Pablo “Panda” Sandoval, Dereck Rodriguez (“D-ROD”) and Derek Law (“D-LAW”).

Alen Hanson, hailing from the Dominican Republic, will go by “El Chamaquito,” or “The Little Boy,” in Spanish.

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