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Petaluma family pleads not guilty to murder in SF hotel killing

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A son and his parents accused of murder for the bizarre killing of a family friend at a hotel in San Francisco entered not guilty pleas on Wednesday to a series of charges, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Kayleb Hardee, 19, Nicole Hardee, 40, and Christopher Hardee, 47, were arraigned at the Hall of Justice in connection with the Feb. 7 beating and strangling of 31-year-old Andrew Emmett. A San Francisco Superior Court judge ordered the family held without bail.

Prosecutors claim Kayleb Hardee and his father Christopher Hardee attacked Emmett inside his room at the Dakota Hotel. The elder Hardee then allegedly pushed him onto the sidewalk in a wheelchair Nicole Hardee brought to the hotel.

Bystanders found Emmett tied to the wheelchair with his shoelaces and called for help, according to court records. Emmett was pronounced dead on the sidewalk near the hotel at 606 Post St.

Prosecutors later said in court records that Emmett owed the Hardee family $14,000. Police discovered the debt after executing a search warrant at the Hardee residence near Petaluma, where prosecutors say police also found evidence suggesting the family was engaged in marijuana sales.

Police also allegedly found bloody clothing in the trunk of Kayleb Hardee’s car and 18 pounds of marijuana, a shotgun and a handgun he had allegedly stashed at a Motel 6 in Petaluma after the killing.

Emmett had known the family for years, according to his brother. He was visiting San Francisco from Colorado at the time of the killing.

The Hardee family is next scheduled to appear in court March 23 for a status hearing.

Christopher Hardee

Nicole Hardee

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