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Patient found dead in SF General Hospital psych ward

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Examiner file photo

Investigators are looking into a patient’s death on Monday at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital’s psychiatric ward after the woman was placed there on an involuntary 72-hour hold, officials said Tuesday.

The San Francisco Chief Medical Examiner’s autopsy found no evidence that another person was involved in the patient’s death. The woman’s identity has not been released and the cause of death will follow additional studies. The report is expected to be finished in the coming weeks, officials say.

Police could not immediately say why the 72-hour involuntary hold had been placed. According to the Welfare and Institutions Code a person can be held against their will for up to 72-hours if they are at risk of imminent harm to others or her or his self.

The death follows that of another woman who was found dead in a stairwell of the hospital’s power plant facility on Wednesday, May 30. That woman, Ruby Lee Andersen, was not a patient at the hospital but had been reported missing from a senior residential care facility on the hospital campus on May 20.

The incident has spurred health department officials to review their annual comprehensive security assessment to identify any other risks.

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