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Park Hotel residents left with pile of ash

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Ramon Alonso, 82, sat shoeless Thursday at the entrance of the residential hotel he once called home.

The Park Hotel at 1044 Folsom St. is now reduced to a large, water-soaked Victorian box full of ashes and destroyed belongings after a four-alarm fire raged through it Wednesday evening. Around 90 people were displaced.

“They won’t let me in without shoes because of the glass,” Alonso said.
<br>It took more than 100 firefighters to extinguish the blaze, which injured several people and sent two to the hospital.

Finding another room to live in has proved difficult, Alonso said, even with the Red Cross’ help.

“They want to send me to a place that charges me more, $600-something. I pay $455 here. They won’t return my money I already paid here,” Alonso said.

A resident of the hotel for more than 15 years, Alonso was told to wait outside while a firefighter checked his room for shoes to wear so he could enter the building and search for his belongings.

After a short time, though, the firefighter emerged and told Alonso there was nothing left of his home.

“Nothing? You looked in all three rooms?” Alonso said.

“I’m sorry,” the firefighter said.


Bay City News contributed to this report.

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