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One day after Lyft agreement, state regulators reach similar deal with Uber

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CPUC announced that they had come to an agreement with Uber the day after they reached a similar one with the company Lyft.

One day after state regulators lifted a ban against the ride-sharing company Lyft, a similar courtesy was extended to another local operator.

Uber, the oldest ride-sharing company in San Francisco, had been issued a cease-and-desist order from the California Public Utilities Commission in October, although the business continued to operate.

On Thursday, the CPUC announced that it had entered into an agreement with Uber that would allow it to operate legally while the state crafted permanent rules for its ride-sharing regulations. Those rules are expected to be enacted later this year. The state agency also said it would waive a $20,000 fine it had levied on Uber last year.

Uber dispatches drivers to passengers via social media and smartphone apps. Taxi industry officials say the company is not subject to the same state regulations as cab companies, but Uber says it offers a different service.

“The agreement states that ride-sharing — or rides provided by drivers not specifically licensed to drive a limousine or taxi — is legal too,” said Uber spokesman Noah Black. “This paves the way for Uber to begin offering
ride-sharing services in the near future.”

The only remaining business without an operating agreement is Sidecar.


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