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Elender Wall

International  artist  Elender  Wall  died  in  Berlin,  Germany,  on  November   15th due to complications from thyroid cancer. Ms. Wall graduated from City College of San Francisco before obtaining  two  bachelor's  degrees,  one  in  vocal  performance  from  the  San  Francisco   Conservatory  of  Music  and  another  in  physics  from  San  Francisco  State   University. During her time at the Conservatory, Ms. Wall studied Baroque  and Renaissance music. Among her many performances was a lead role in  the City College production of “Plump Jack” by Gordon Getty. Ms.  Wall's  musical  talent  took  her  around  the  world,  most  recently  to   Germany where she lived and performed as part of the opera community.  She  also  traveled  the  United  States  extensively  with  touring  companies   including the Sonos Handbell Ensemble. She released an album titled "The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld" with fellow  San  Franciscan,  composer  Bryant  Kong,  in  2013  featuring  the  words  of   Donald Rumsfeld set to music. In  addition  to  her  musical  talents,  Wall  also  edited  and  co-authored  an   introductory-level physics textbook with her father, a physics instructor at  City College for 32 years. Ms. Wall is survived by her parents, Ellen Hegman Wall and Jesse David  Wall; her fiancé, Chris Hardaker; and her aunt, uncle and cousin, Jim, Joyce  and Carey Cauthen. A memorial commemorating the life of Elender Wall  was held in Berlin on November 19th. A memorial and public performance will be held in San Francisco January  28th, 1:00 pm, at the Diego Rivera Theatre, City College of San Francisco  Ocean Campus (Phelan Avenue at Judson Street). The program will feature  arias performed by visiting artists and colleagues of Elender from Germany.  A reception will follow. All are invited. Donations  in  Elender’s  memory  may  be  made  to  the  Performing  Arts   Education Center Fund, City College of San Francisco Bursar's Office, 50  Phelan Ave - Conlan Hall Rm. 103, San Francisco CA 94112. Among the contributors to this article is Shannon Cole, for  The Guardsman

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