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NY-26: Corwin goes on offense

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House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan., R-Wis., may be giving a speech touting his Path to Prosperity plan in Chicago today, but the real battleground over his policies will be taking place in upstate New York.

Democrats have made Ryan's Path the issue in the NY-26 special election that will be held next Tuesday, May 24th. Instead of playing defense, Republican Jane Corwin's latest television ad attacks Democrat Kathy Hochul on Medicare, Social Security and Taxes. From the ad:

ANNOUNCER: Kathy Hochul: a false campaign about Jane Corwin's position on Medicare, when the truth is its Hochul who says she will cut Medicare and Social Security
HOCHUL: “Everything should be on the table: entitlements, defense spending, but also revenues.”
ANNOUNCER: Kathy Hochul: Cuts to Medicare, cuts to Social Security, and higher taxes.

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