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It’s not surfing, it’s the Titans of Mavericks

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Biologically speaking, this activity makes no sense. (Ben Margot/AP, File)

The Titans of Mavericks surfing competition at Half Moon Bay got the HBO treatment last week on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

The segment included incredible visuals of the waves that make the contest a thing of legend.

“Mavericks is … scary as hell. It’s like running 100 yards as hard as you can, looking over a four-story building and jumping off,” surfer Jamie Mitchell describes the event that no one should realistically ever want to do.


Some fans groaned when the Giants front office allowed fan-favorite Pablo Sandoval to walk in free agency.

That was November 2014.

On Thursday, the Boston Red Sox confirmed they are backing away from their expensive investment by benching the hitter formerly known as Panda.

“I’m happy with the decision,” Sandoval said to reporters, according to WEEI. “They made the decision. It’s the right decision to help the team win. I’m going to be happy.”

Happiness is easier to achieve when making $17 million a year.


The Cleveland Cavaliers prefer their grapes sour when it comes to the outcome of last year’s NBA Finals, in which two of their best players couldn’t play due to injury.

One of those players, Kyrie Irving, told Cleveland.com Thursday that the Cavs were “still the team to beat.” When asked if he meant just in the Eastern Conference, Irving refused to take the out and said, “I feel like we’re the team to beat. Honestly it’s open season until we get into the playoffs.”

Meanwhile, the real team to beat pranked Festus Ezeli by making him think he was released in a promotional video for Lyft, a true moment of Bay Area synergy.


In a sign the Rockets are far from locked in and pushing for a playoff spot, Jason Terry confirmed to Fox 26 Houston on Thursday that he interviewed for the position of head coach at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The opening arose when Stanford hired Jerod Haase away from the Blazers bench.

Terry’s current team is a half-game behind the Jazz for a chance to play the Warriors in the first round, so it’s a good enough time to call it a season for an otherwise talented team that surrenders early and often.

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