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Nonprofit founder hosts fashion show

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Lisa Li, founder of youliveandyoulearn.org, a nonprofit agency that helps young fashion designers get a start, is hosting a fashion show May 1 at Solarium located at 55 Second St.

What is youliveandyoulearn.org? Our main focus is to help struggling designers produce events and illustrate to the public there are a lot of talented people out there not being recognized.

What is this experience? It’s exposure and motivation. We put on fashion shows and help the designers get everything they need — makeup, hair and models — for the day.

What are some of the success stories youliveandyoulearn.org has helped produce? There was one who worked for Marciano, but her dad had gotten sick so she moved back to Stockton. She worked as a truck dispatcher for two years. She saw one of our postings for a show back in December and applied. She used the pictures and sketches for the show and applied to Guess, who loved what she had done. And now she’s in Los Angeles working for them.

As someone with interior design background, how did you get involved in fashion? I’ve always been interested in fashion. I graduated from college in May 2009 and I didn’t have a job. So I moved back to San Francisco and I noticed this need. Fashion is architecture. It’s all a matter of proportions. — Andrea Koskey

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