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Newsom recalls San Francisco’s last Republican mayor

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Mayor Gavin Newsom reminded San Franciscans to fill out their census in his latest YouTube address. He recapped an agreement made at SFO this week. He talked about jobs too.

But let’s skip to the good stuff.

ABC’s Jake Tapper tweeted a question from Tucker Carlson of Fox News to Newsom. Who was the last Republican mayor of San Francisco?

The answer, Newsom said, is George Christopher, who was mayor between 1946 and 1964. Christopher was one of many San Francisco mayors who failed to become California governor. Newsom said that was in part because Pat Brown, the incumbent at the time, spent so much time slinging mud at Christopher that Ronald Reagan actually became the Republican candidate.

“He in many ways was responsible … for Ronald Reagan becoming the president of the United States,” Newsom said of Christopher.

Christopher, by the way, hawked The Examiner as a boy and eventually got a job on the newspaper’s copy desk.

And since we missed it last week, check out the last Newsom YouTube video. He talks about how much he likes roller-skating and considers an idea to adopt potholes … seriously.

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