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New report analyzes the financial cost of child abuse in SF

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The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center released the first-ever report on the cost of child abuse Thursday, calculating how much the crime costs the community. The report was created in collaboration with Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, and concludes that the total lifetime financial costs associated with one year of substantiated cases of child abuse in San Francisco is $301.6 million.

The data was analyzed from 2015 records, where  5,500 reports of child abuse and 753 verified cases took place in San Francisco. In the larger Bay Area, there were nearly 58,000 reports — or one every 10 minutes.


The costs associated with child abuse include salaries of social workers, healthcare professionals, and educators. “Ending child abuse protects children and the economy,” states an infographic produced by the researchers.

“Although we have quantified the cost of a child abuse victim, it’s impossible to quantify the impact of abuse to a child, their family and our community — with one single case our society has been degraded. This report proves that not only morally, but fiscally, it is our mandate as a community to end child abuse once and for all,” said Katie Albright, San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center Executive Director.

Further information gathered from the study can be found here.

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