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New police stats show continued trend: crime is rising

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Property crimes and, to a lesser extent, violent crimes are on the rise in San Francisco while arrests for many of those crimes have dropped in the first six months of the year, according to police statistics.

From January to June 2015, compared with the same time period last year, serious violent crimes — called Part 1 crimes — rose by 13 percent citywide and property crimes by 22 percent, according to San Francisco Police Department statistics from June.

Still, the rise in crime does not compare to spikes seen in recent decades.

The police did not return a call for comment Monday.


Car break-ins topped the list of property crimes with an increase of 47 percent, jumping from 8,101 car break-ins reported from January to June 2014 to 11,917 this year. Auto thefts, arson and larceny also saw increases but on a lesser scale. Burglary, in contrast, dropped by 5 percent during that time. In 2014, there were 2,775 reported burglaries by the end of June and this year there were only 2,639.

Still, property crime arrests are in decline. Burglary arrests were down 56 percent when compared to June of last year, and arrests for both larceny and auto break-ins are down 19 percent.


Homicide saw a relative rise of 71 percent, jumping from 14 by the end of June last year compared to 24 the first half of this year.

Robbery saw an even steeper rise of 23 percent; last year by June there had been 1,529 reported robberies and this year by the end of June there had been 1,877 reported robberies.

Rape reported to police saw a smaller rise of 7 percent with only 10 more being reported by the end of June of this year compared to the 135 the first half of last year.

Aggravated assault increased the least this year with only a 2 percent rise.

Meanwhile, robbery arrests are down 30 percent from June of last year, and aggravated assault arrests are down 26 percent. In contrast, arrests for homicide and rape are up, but by a small number.

Park station, which polices an area stretching from Haight-Ashbury to Duboce Triangle, and Ingleside station, which polices the Excelsior and Outer Mission, saw the highest increases in serious violent crimes: Park with a 29 percent jump and Ingleside with a 21 percent jump.

But the station with the highest number of serious violent crimes was Southern Station, which covers South of Market, with 585 reported violent Part 1 crimes as of this June compared to 483 last year. Southern Station was followed by Mission Station, which had 586 reported serious violent crimes by June. Last year it had 518.

Northern station, which stretches from the Marina to Hayes Valley, saw the highest increase in car break-ins with a 79 percent increase during the first half of the year. By last June there were 1,312 reported car break-ins and 2,347 by the end of this June.

Southern Station, which had the highest number of car break-ins at 2,980 as of June, compared to 1,976 last year, saw 51 percent jump. Central Station, which covers North Beach and Chinatown, also saw a leap in such crimes with an 81 percent year increase; in June 2014 there had been 1,053 reported car break-ins. By this June there had been 1,910.

Mission station saw a drop — by 49 percent — in auto break-ins and personal thefts — 22 percent. By June 2014 there had been 963 reported personal thefts compared to 748 this year. There had been 755 car break-ins by the end of last June, but only 387 by the end of this June.

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