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Mute Records making Record Store Day worth it

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Yes, it’s coming, downloader’s: that strange, annual 24-hour period where you actually might want to switch off the iTunes and leave the house, AKA Record Store Day, on April 16. And the posh, always top-quality imprint Mute, at least, is making it well worth your while.

They’re issuing a special LP/CD release called “Vorwarts,” in a limited, hand-numbered edition of only 1,000, on orange vinyl, no less.

So what artists are involved?

For the musically inquisitive, there are two new Mute signings from Britain (where else?), S.C.U.M. (“Summon The Sound”) and Big Deal (“Locked Up”).

For the more retro-minded, there’s a dusty old Can obscurity from 1970 (“Millionspiel”), plus unreleased material from other great Mute alums like Liars (“Grey Scale”), Mick Harvey (“The Ballad Of Jay Givens”) and Polly Scattergood (“Silver Lining”).

Best of all?

A brand new song from Moby, “Be The One.”

Still don’t wanna go outside? Hey — your loss, kid. Just stare at the artwork online at www.mute.com.

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