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Muni pass, parking fees likely to increase

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Muni’s proposed fare increases include a 25 cent hike on the Discount Cash Fare. (Cindy Chew/2005 S.F. Examiner)

Muni fares and private parking fees may soon rise, and the first public hearing to discuss those fees is scheduled for today.

Budget documents for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which operates Muni, show fare increases for transit riders across the board.

Parking permits and fees would also rise, as the SFMTA anticipates a $13.5 million budget shortfall in 2017, and a $14.3 million shortfall in 2018.

The SFMTA increases are tied to inflation.

The agency’s capital budget — used for construction of new projects and renovating stations and rail yards and other necessary upgrades — is also expected to be $750 million lower in the next five years.

The expected shortfalls translate to higher fees in the SFMTA’s proposed budget.

The board isn’t set to take action on the budget proposal until at least April 5, according to SFMTA documents.

The proposal shows many fare increases. In 2018, Muni fares may go up a quarter to $2.50, and monthly Muni passes may jump from $70 to $75. Monthly Muni passes allowing San Francisco BART use would jump from $83 to $89.

The “lifeline” monthly Muni pass for low-income San Franciscans would jump from $35 to $38.

Residential parking permits would hike from $111 to $128 in 2018. Removing a “boot” from a car costs $316, but would jump to $465 in 2018. Street sweeping violations would jump from $68 to $73.

In 2010 the SFMTA Board of Directors voted to tie Muni’s fares to the Automatic Consumer Price Index. According to the SFMTA, the automatic CPI increases fares are based on a “set formula” calculated from the Bay Area Consumer Price Index and the SFMTA’s labor costs.

Proposed Muni fare increases for 2018

Discount Cash Fare (Persons
with disabilities, youth, seniors)
Now $1.25, was $1.

Adult “A” Fast Pass (Muni + BART within SF)
Now $89, was $83.

Adult “M” Fast Pass (Muni only)
Now $75, was $70.

Proposed parking fee increases for 2018

Residential parking citation
Now $84, was $78.

Boot removal fee
Now $465, was $316.

Residential parking permit
Now $128, was $111.