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Muni: NextBus train predictions fixed, but buses not so lucky

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Predictions on the NextBus system have been restored for Muni’s train routes as of Tuesday.

That’s according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which runs Muni, and may be welcome news for riders of Muni’s T-Third, J-Church, K-Ingleside, L-Taraval, M-Oceanview and N-Judah lines –– all key commuter lines in The City.

For more than a week commuters on Muni’s buses and light rail vehicles have been left without next vehicle predictions, unable to plan their commutes.

But Muni isn’t out of the woods yet.

SFMTA is reporting on its blog that it may still take weeks to restore NextBus info.

Here’s SFMTA from its blog:

“Over the coming weeks, we will continue replacing and reprogramming outdated vehicle modems on the remainder of the Muni fleet. We will continue to upgrade our rail fleet and move onto the approximately 500 buses that have not already been upgraded as part of the Computer Aided Dispatch and Automated Vehicle Location System (CAD/AVL), also know as the radio replacement project. All of this work is being completed by Muni staff along with our NextBus partners.”

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