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Muni bus catches fire in Richmond District

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A Muni bus on Geary Boulevard at 26th Avenue caught fire Thursday morning. (Courtesy Bill Hoffland)

A Muni bus burst into flames during the Thursday morning commute due to an apparent mechanical failure.

The bus in question was running on the 38AX-Geary A Express line, when on Geary Boulevard and 26th Avenue its engine experienced a mechanical failure at about 7:30 a.m.

Based on photos reviewed by the San Francisco Examiner, flames erupted from the engine, which is located in the back of the bus. Plumes of smoke billowed from and enveloped the vehicle’s rear.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency spokesperson Paul Rose said the fire resulted from a mechanical failure. An alternator split, he said, which caused oil to drip onto the engine, spurring the fire. It was ultimately extinguished by the buses’ fire suppression system.

There were no injuries, Rose said.

The bus was manufactured by Neoplan, a make of vehicle that SFMTA has been phasing out of its fleet with buses manufactured by New Flyer.

“The bus will be scrapped,” Rose said, “and replaced with one of the new buses coming online.”

A Muni bus was famously lit on fire after the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in 2012.

Referencing that incident, one Facebook user who spotted a photo of the burning bus commented, “But it’s not even the World Series yet!”

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