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Muni bids farewell to traditional fareboxes, transfers

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A Muni driver hands a paper transfer to a rider on the 5-Fulton bus at Market and Powell. (Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner)

Muni’s colorful, classic transfers have now officially gone the way of the Dodo.

That’s according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which confirmed Tuesday that the agency has finished swapping out old fareboxes on Muni buses for its newer digital fareboxes.

And with new fare boxes come new transfers, which allow riders to board another bus within a 90-minute window.

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No longer will drivers keep a book of transfers and rip one out to hand to customers. Instead, customers paying by cash will receive a printed-out digital transfer, some of which feature designs by local artists.

The older generation of fareboxes were made by Cubic Corporation. The $36 million contract for new fareboxes was awarded to Illinois-based SPX Genfare in 2016.

The new transfers are black and white and use a digital timestamp, though they sometimes feature printed art. The old transfers came in a variety of colors daily and have been featured by Muni riders in murals across San Francisco, hand-made Converse shoes and various forms of art out of nostalgic love.

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