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Mr. Marina charity event is already getting competitive

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Look out for those aspiring Mr. Marinas

It's that time of the year when all the city's biggest bros train for one of the most important events: Mr Marina. At first glance, it sounds like just a regular Saturday night in the Marina — a bunch of metrosexuals with really nice apartments — but don't quit reading just yet. As SF Weekly reports today, these seemingly vacuous and entitled guys are actually pretty darn generous. They're putting themselves out there strictly to raise cash for cancer (okay, and have a little fun while they're at it). Here's a sneak peek video from one aspiring Mr. Marina, Ismail Simpson, who claims in this lyrical breakdown that “the Marina has 99 problems, but Ish ain't one.” Contestants will head to on March 20 where a panel of three judges will examine and evaluate these fine fellows, scoring them in three categories: swimsuit, talent, and “Marina wear” Q&A. The winner will get showered with attention and other honors that have not yet been determined. Go buy your tickets.

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