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Mike Watt pens third opera, this time inspired by Hieronymous Bosch

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Outside of Graham Parker’s “OK Hieronymous” on his 1988 comeback “The Mona Lisa’s Sister,” you don’t really hear too many rockers referencing surreal 16th century painter Hieronymous Bosch.

Mike Watt, however, would like to change all that.

The ex-Minutemen/fIREHOSE bassist has just released his third opera (?!), “Hyphenated-Man,” whose 30 separate pieces were inspired by the strange creatures in such Bosch works as “The Garden Of Earthly Delights.”

No joke.

And with his new backing band, The Missingmen, he’ll be performing it at The City’s Bottom Of The Hill next Friday.

Watt’s first opera was 1997’s “Contemplating The Engine Room,” which linked his father’s life in the Navy with his own history in The Minutemen. His second, 2004’s “The Secondman’s Middle Stand,” was loosely based on a near-fatal illness that overtook him. So it goes without saying that the guy aims high, creatively speaking. Plus, he’s also punching the part-time clock as the permanent new bassist for Iggy Pop’s still-smoldering Stooges — not bad for 53.

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