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Mayor Lee to repave notoriously cracked 25th Avenue crossover

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Mayor Ed Lee on Monday pledged to fix a notoriously deteriorated connection: the 25th Avenue crossover.

He touted the upcoming repavement at a news conference Monday to announce nearly $90 million for street improvements in San Francisco over two years, focusing on pothole repair, striping and pavement.

The news will surely be welcome to westside commuters who depend on the 25th Avenue crossover every day.

The street has been the source of “a lot of complaints and bumpiness,” Lee said, and he would repave it within “30 days” or else there may be a “sinkhole.”

The street met a major obstacle to repavement, he noted, as jurisdiction over the road was hard to suss out: Caltrans, the Recreation and Park Department and the city of San Francisco share multilayered responsibility over streets that connect to highways.

“It’s nobody’s jurisdiction,” Lee concluded at the news conference, but it needs repairs fast.

“It was hit really badly during the rains,” he added, as “water got underneath and really compromised the condition of that road.”

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