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Mayor Lee announces resignation of Chief Suhr

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Officers work the scene where a 27-year-old woman was shot and killed by police in the Bayview District of San Francisco, Calif. Thursday, May 19, 2016. (Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner)

Hours after the latest police shooting in San Francisco, Mayor Ed Lee announced Thursday afternoon that Police Chief Greg Suhr has resigned from his position as The City’s top cop.

Lee made the announcement at City Hall after meeting with the chief behind closed doors. Toney Chaplin, a 26-year veteran of the Police Department, will serve as acting chief.

The mayor’s call for Suhr’s resignation comes following Thursday’s fatal police shooting in which a Bayview Station sergeant shot and killed an unarmed 27-year-old woman who had fled from police in a stolen car, and after months of scrutiny over use of force tactics by police that has prompted Lee to put into action a series of reforms.

“I have previously expressed confidence in Chief Suhr because I know he agrees with and understands the need for reform,” Lee said. “He has demonstrated his commitment to instilling these reforms into the whole department, from the command staff to the cadets.”

The mayor continued, “But following this morning’s officer-involved shooting and my meeting with Chief Suhr this afternoon, today I have arrived at a different conclusion to the question of how best to move forward.

“The progress we’ve made has been meaningful, but it hasn’t been fast enough. Not for me, not for Greg. That’s why I have asked Chief Suhr for his resignation. And in the best interest of the City he loves so much, he tendered his resignation earlier today.”

Lee had previously defended the chief, despite four supervisors last week calling for Suhr to step down. Wednesday night’s Police Commission meeting in Chinatown was interrupted by protesters calling for a review of Suhr’s performance.

Activists, and for 17 days five hunger strikers known as the “Frisco 5,” have been calling for the mayor to fire Suhr since the Mario Woods killing in Dec. 2, which was caught on video that went viral.

Suhr was The City’s 42nd police chief.

Watch the mayor’s full announcement below:


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  • Some Guy

    wtf is wrong with these cops, when did running away become a death sentence?
    Is car theft a capitol crime now, cause I didn’t get the memo.

  • websamurai

    I think they do what they want because they know they can get away with it. We are all at risk to get abused by them..

  • I sure don’t want to pay the welfare, jail time of this criminals, saves the taxpayers some $$ over the long term, short term, they might settle for some money ..

  • old timer in SF

    I believe replacing Chief Suhr is not an answer to the problem. You have criminals that are exploding the system. There are many believe that harden criminals committing crimes should be given more than 3 chances. The next police Chief may it be Black or Chinese will only be a place holder until Mayor Lee’s term is over.

    For those that are interested in history should look at past police chiefs. There is a patterns.

    I am sorry. Those that control the sheep have too much control.

  • dwss5

    Article title:”Mayor Lee announces resignation of Chief Suhr”

    Maybe the Surly ex-chief should consider retiring ~140 miles down to our famous and similarly-named Pacific coastal attraction south of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

  • dwss5

    old timer in SF wrote:
    “For those that are interested in history should look at past police chiefs. There is a patterns.”

    You can also look at neighboring Oakland’s own history with past police chiefs and it’s ONGOING issues leading to possible independent monitoring and Federal oversight.
    E.g., see the SFGate dot com article ‘Oakland police overseer Thomas Frazier fired’ by Will Kane of Thursday, February 13, 2014.

  • Kirstin Kenny

    Beautiful city that has been destroyed by progressives & their insane political philosophy. Chief Suhr was pragmatic & reasonable. Can’t have any of that nonsense in your icky dystopia.

  • Chris Houston ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    George Soros runs Black Lives Matter, he wants the nations police departments nationalized.
    The left is ignorant as to what the shadow government is up to.
    Useful idiots.

  • Dash Cam

    Lee, you’ve been full of sh*t from your beginnings. Multiple deaths thanks to the animals off their chains you call the SFPD, your weak, stubborn, irritatingly obvious corrupt ways will be your pathetic legacy. EDWIN LEE, YOU’RE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF THIS WOMAN BECAUSE OF YOUR STUBBORN REFUSAL TO FIRE SUHR AND OPEN AN FBI INVESTIGATION ON THE ENTIRE SFPD. Welcome to your legacy, Ed Lee. Enjoy!

  • vetipie

    Now Ed Lee needs to step down. He has helped destroy the city by allowing so many capitalists free reign. 30,000 displaced residents, while the streets crawl with the beige arrivals sporting their app logos. Willing to pay $4500 a month for a one bedroom apartment.

  • Flubert

    No, we are not ALL at risk from them. The vast majority of people co-operate with the cops, do not run away from them, and certainly do not point knives and tasers at them.

  • Flubert

    Sorry, but Lee was just re-elected with an easy and clear majority

  • websamurai

    You are right but only with respect to the decent ones, not all cops are decent, you have those that abuse the badge, those that are no better than common criminals, those on steroids, prescription drugs or street drugs, those that wanted to be cops for all the wrong reasons, etc. By the way the next time you see Suhr tell him that he lost his job because he could not stand up to the union and when you see the good old Irish catholic boy that runs the union, tell him he did Suhr no favors by fighting reforms desperately needed. As far as Lee goes, he needs to do the right thing and resign also. Have a good weekend!

  • lalasayswhat

    The people should have to police their own neighborhoods since they don’t trust the cops. Lets see how successful that is.