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Letters: Shameful lack of prosecution for unlawful evictions

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“Major victory against fraudulent eviction begs $460K question: Why isn’t S.F. preventing this?” On Guard, March 21

Lack of prosecution for unlawful evictions

It is shameful that the District Attorney’s Office has not prosecuted a single violation by landlords of false eviction leaving the most vulnerable homeless for their profit.

The sheriff’s department is an essential part of evictions and should, along with the District Attorney, hold a major hearing in San Francisco, especially for the senior population, to outline the background research each time there is an eviction sought by landlords and a follow-up on their statements that they or relatives are moving into the apartment or home.

A record of the hundreds the false evictions should be compiled for this hearing, and those landlords lying and evicting be called to testify.

Thanks to Jane Kim, a Board of Supervisors hearing is in the planning. I hope it results in The City requiring each rent-control facility to have accessible records and that The City mails out such statements.

Deni Leonard
San Francisco

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