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Letters: Headlines about affordable housing are nothing but lies

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Three development teams outline proposals for mixed-income housing project at Balboa Reservoir. (Joel Angel Juárez/2016 Special to S.F. Examiner)

 “Housing plans span income ranges,” The City, June 19

Headlines about affordable housing are nothing but lies

Every time the Examiner grossly misrepresents the housing crisis in San Francisco, the frequently valuable, only free daily publication loses credibility.
The Examiner rarely, if ever, defines the misused term “afffordable housing.”
No one is building any housing for the more than 100,000 San Francisco households who have incomes of less than $35,000 annually. Why doesn’t the newspaper ever report the fact that the only stable affordable housing left in San Francisco are rent-controlled apartments? That’s where we live.
Ed Lee and Co. are hell-bent on destroying rent control by first taking aim at those apartments in his bonus density plan. Why don’t you report that ugly truth?

Nick Pasquariello
San Francisco

 “‘Night with Janis’ doesn’t get to the heart of Joplin,” Theater, June 18

More than Joplin’s dark side

While I respectfully understand that any review of a play is only one person’s opinion, I have to comment on Georgia Rowe’s review of “A Night with Janis Joplin.”
To be honest, I work for ACT as a front-of-house usher. I talk to many audience members at every performance. Rowe seems to want more of the tragic life of Janis, which has been written about ad nauseum. The view of the audience overwhelmingly falls into two opinions: 1. The older patrons are happy that the show is about Janis’ music and artists that influenced her and not about the tragic part of her life and 2. the younger patrons tell me the only thing they really know about Janis is that she was a rock ’n’ roll singer who died of an overdose, so they are surprised and enjoy seeing the “music” side of Janis.
And that to me is a win-win. There are plenty of books and stories about Janis’s troubled life. I find it’s refreshing to remember and concentrate on the talented artist that she was.
The show is called “A night with Janis Joplin,” not “The Life of Janis Joplin.”

Joe Mac
San Francisco

“UPS shooting victims mourned, investigation continues,” Crime Ink, June 16

Hostile workplace worth a look

At least the Examiner, unlike the electronic media, addressed the topics of tense and distressing workplace atmospheres, mandatory overtime, favoritism and hostile work environments — not to mention layoffs, firings and unemployment as possible factors contributing to acts of violence such as those in the news recently.
Even self-described “progressives” like Barbara Lee and Bernie Sanders won’t touch this issue, since it risks revealing the true nature and inevitable consequences of their beloved capitalist system.
Susan Rosenberg’s comments are so typical of management, since she knows damn well any supposed avenues workers are told they can take their concerns about “harassment and unfair working conditions” to are just as likely to result in retaliation and targeting of the whistleblower as they are to lead to any improvement in the situation.

Carl Hoffman
San Francisco

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