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Letters: Good riddance to the post office

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“Post office plans relocation,” The City, June 2

Good riddance to post office

I know the post office in this story very well and I have NO regrets if it will be DEMOLISHED. First of all, this is the most trashed and DIRTIEST post office not only in San Francisco but I think in America. So, ANY house instead of this will be welcome not from me only but I think from many people who reside in the Tenderloin. Because ANY good, affordable housing is better than even this post office; we can use one on Fox Plaza. Eighty-five new housing units will make the Tenderloin more cozy and warmer than a cold, ugly post office.

Georgy Prodorov

San Francisco

“Moratorium shot down by Board,” The City, June 3

We will not let the Mission be destroyed

Redevelopment in the Fillmore did not stop or slow after the 1950s, as might have been implied by Joshua Sabatini’s otherwise excellent story on the proposed moratorium of pricey housing in the Mission. It was in full swing when I came here in 1967 and continued on until the discredited Redevelopment Agency went out of business or was repurposed.

Now we see the same neighborhood destruction in the Mission, where working-class people are losing their housing and being forced out of The City in the name of “progress.” It is racist at heart and will not stand.

When I have out-of-town visitors I don’t take them to Fisherman’s Wharf or Powell Street. I take them to the Mission for food, entertainment and culture in general. The Mission is the heart and soul of San Francisco, and the people will not allow it to be destroyed as the Fillmore was. We are united in this and the people, united, will NEVER be defeated.

Barry Eisenberg

San Francisco

“Moratorium opposition lacks alternative,” On Guard, June 2

Live where you work

Why is no one addressing one of the main issues regarding the housing shortage in San Francisco, the fact that people who work in Silicon Valley want to live in San Francisco? Why can’t they live close to where they work?

This would also help eliminate the problems with the buses that are clogging the streets taking the people to and from Silicon Valley.

Brian Baum

San Francisco

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