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Letters: Antifa ‘violence,’ right-wing terror are not one and the same

“Only dummies are fighting Marxism in 2017,” Broke-Ass City, Aug. 31
Antifa ‘violence,’ right-wing terror are not one and the same

I voted for Stuart Schuffman aka “Broke-Ass Stuart” in the last San Francisco mayoral election. Given the sordid record of incumbent Ed Lee, that choice was an easy one. Schuffman’s recent fine column only corroborates my decision.

It is not often that an article hits all the nails squarely on the head with concision, salience and moral rectitude. He demolishes the mainstream media’s attempt to both conflate and equate Antifa’s so-called “violence” with the clear record of right-wing terror by the white supremacist: They are not one and the same.

It is not merely “irresponsible” the way the corporate media attempts to relativize them by both direct and subliminal propaganda, which is tacit to collaboration with the Nazis and their ilk.

George Gutekunst
San Francisco

“Overheard in San Francisco,” San Franstartup, Aug. 28
Outdated terms are offensive

I enjoy reading Melissa Eisenberg’s column to get a younger perspective on San Francisco people and places. However, she should be aware that use of the term “girls” rather than “women” is outdated and offensive.

Calling women “girls” has been out of use for more than 50 years. I am surprised that an intelligent woman in the tech field is not more sensitive to labels that would demean or minimize the value of women in this day and age.

We are constantly hearing and reading about men — I doubt you would call them “boys” — who downplay and disregard the contributions of women in the tech field. We don’t need women to do the same by referring to us as girls.

I hope you take my comments to heart and reflect on how you can help empower women and girls by giving us the respect we deserve in how you address us. I look forward to reading more about the women in your life … and the men as well.

Nancy Thompson
San Francisco

“Sidewalks are for people, not robots,” In My View, Aug. 27
What happened to human accountability?

I can’t see how Cathy DeLuca frets over the future problem of delivery robots running over grandmothers while strolling The City’s sidewalks when cellphone users and texters right now are mowing pedestrians down.

Several times a week, I have to yell “heads up!” when an oblivious texter comes barreling down on me during my daily walk to and from Glen Park. I could be someone’s great grandmother, and I don’t like it. Most walkers, including more and more young moms I see pushing babies in carriages while they text, act like the sidewalk is their private queendom to navigate.

Even worse, texting moms push the carriage across intersections and never miss a keystroke. Forget me. Wonder how they would feel if an errant driver hit and killed their baby?

Ann Grogan
San Francisco

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