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Letter: Manny’s empowers and elevates the lives of Mission residents

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A Mission Housing logo hangs above an “M” for Manny’s outside the Mission District cafe on Friday, Dec. 28, 2018. (Kevin N. Hume/S.F. Examiner)

Since 1971, Mission Housing has created and preserved high-quality affordable housing, and provided supportive services for residents of low and moderate incomes in the Mission District and throughout San Francisco. We’ve done so doing our best to navigate tumultuous political waters and red tape while remaining resolute in our belief that the work we do is of the utmost benefit for the people we serve and for the city of San Francisco.

When we chose Manny Yekutiel to be a commercial space partner, we did so excited about the potential a place like “Manny’s” had to bring our community together. The Mission has a long, beautiful reputation of activism and empowerment. And Mission Housing has long advocated for spaces that benefit the community. We strive to find tenants who advance our values of inclusionary and community support — people who give back to the community and to other tenants.

We felt Yekutiel’s vision for Manny’s reflected a precedent Mission Housing set with other commercial partners like Calle 24, Instituto Liberal de la Raza, Mission Hiring Hall and Mission Graduates. They’re places that serve as hubs of empowerment and aim to elevate the lives of people we try our best to serve.

We would not have chosen Manny’s if it did not fit this criteria and we’re proud that he is fulfilling his promise to us and the people of the Mission.

Now more than ever, the need for Manny’s is clear. We applaud Yekutiel’s effort to rise above recent tension and we echo his invitation to those wishing to be a part of high-quality discourse and civic engagement in San Francisco — whether that’s at 3092 16th St. or elsewhere.

Mission Housing Development Corporation

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