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Lena Dunham and the rise of the unconventionally attractive celebrity

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Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Lena Dunham attends HBO's Post 2013 Golden Globe Awards Party held at Circa 55 Restaurant at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

With Lena Dunham’s big Golden Globes wins for her TV show “Girls,” it’s time to state the obvious: This is going to be the Year of the Unconventionally Attractive Babes.

Adele, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera are all unapologetic for their ample hips. Jennifer Lawrence even told Marie Claire magazine, “I’d rather look chubby on screen and like a person in real life.” A picture of Katy Perry without makeup has been making the rounds, and she looks like someone you might pay to pet-sit your cat.

It’s the Susan Boyle effect — and it’s about time!

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