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Lars Ulrich and Sean Parker apparently have made up

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Wait, is that Napster’s arch-enemy Lars Ulrich pictured at company co-founder Sean Parker’s wedding, as seen in the September issue of Vanity Fair magazine? WTF?

In 2000, Ulrich’s band Metallica filed a $10 million lawsuit against the music-sharing service for copyright infringement and racketeering (Napster later filed for bankruptcy). So why in the heck would Ulrich agree to dress up like a medieval squire and attend Parker’s equally as infamous $10 million Middle Earth wedding?

The two “buried the hatchet” a year ago and have “bonded” over Spotify, according to The Huffington Post.

“It was never about money,” Ulrich says about the Napster kerfuffle. “It was always about control.”

Parker is an investor in Spotify and serves on its board, and since it technically deals in “legal” music streams, Ulrich is apparently down with both it and Parker. Bow to the Leper Messiah, dude.

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