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Killers asked their victim about gang ties before shooting in Mission District

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Lorenzo Jiminez was shot after a group of thugs asked about his gang affiliation.

The Sacramento man who was shot dead after leaving a Mission district bar Friday night had been asked about his gang affiliation before the vicious attack, his brother said Wednesday.

Lorenzo Jimenez, 24, told the group of about five thugs that he was not in a gang. Nevertheless, they beat then shot him outside the Double Dutch about 11:30 p.m., said Jaime Jimenez.

“He even put his hand out to shake their hands,” said the grieving brother, who was in Sacramento but heard what happened from the friend who was there.

Lorenzo Jimenez, a Sacramento resident who worked as a bouncer at the Roaring 20s strip club in North Beach, left the Double Dutch after a night out with friends. There was no confrontation with anyone inside the establishment, his brother said.

Lorenzo Jimenez and one of his pals were followed out by a group of about five to 10 people they had never met, police said.

“They kept asking my little brother, ‘Where you from? Where you from?’” said Jaime Jimenez. Lorenzo Jimenez told the thugs he didn’t “bang” and lived in Sacramento.

“Two gunshots, and everybody scattered,” Jaime Jimenez said.

No arrests have been made.


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