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KD reveals he has a much better view than you, he could’ve played Game 2

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Kevin Durant did a YouTube live stream on Thursday from his home in the East Bay hills. (Courtesy YouTube)

Kevin Durant is a tech-friendly small forward.

He’s an investor in Postmates and a micro-investing app called Acorns. Now, he’s added YouTuber to his arsenal.

In the last week, he’s uploaded four videos to his official account and is using it in a way to interact with Golden State Warriors fans, a’la Draymond Green and his Dray Day Podcast on Uninterrupted with columnist Marcus Thompson.

On Thursday, Durant felt compelled to make another video to update those worried about him. With no practice on the schedule —and therefore, no media availability — it was welcome news to hear from the hobbled superstar.

For those who prefer reading over YouTube videos, I’ve annotated some of the highlights:

0:00-0:03 I  think he doesn’t know the camera is running.

0:06 He checks in for the views. But, who is holding the camera?

0:15 “We’ve got a lot of stuff to talk about today.” Absolutely.

0:24 I don’t understand the camera work. But who am I to criticize art? (He does have a solid collection of guitars, from what I can tell.)

0:28 Time to get into basketball analysis: “Being up 2-0 in the series when you have homecourt advantage, the series doesn’t really start until Game 3. So we’re looking forward to going to Portland tomorrow.”

0:45 Well deserved shout outs for JaVale McGee and Patrick McCaw.

0:53 A shot of the left calf that is medically taped up.

1:18 Shooting location remains unclear.

1:25 Acknowledges calf injury. Now we get the close up.

1:37 Durant reveals, “Felt good to finish [Game 1], but afterwards [my calf] tightened up on me a little bit and I was sore for the next few days. Felt like I could go yesterday.” The organization decided it was better to hold him out, and they certainly didn’t look to be wrong.

2:02  Before committing to play Game 3, he says, “We’ll see how I feel.”

2:33 Durant is positive about his prognosis, and after the beatdown he watched on Wednesday, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be.

3:02 KD predicts a tough Game 3.

3:16 “I gave you the update. Hopefully you guys are feeling better about everything,” — as if the true problem here is everyones’ hurt feelings.

3:33 They’re in Durant’s in-home recording studio. Now everything is starting to make sense.

3:37 We meet his friend, who does not appear to be enthusiastic about his time on camera.

4:50 KD promises a quick glimpse of the view, which I have to assume is better than the cement wall behind my apartment.

4:59 Yes, it is in fact better than the cement wall behind my apartment.

5:14 “Shout out the Bay, it’s a great day out here,” Durant says, foreshadowing Klay Thompson scoring 40 on Saturday.

5:26 Durant says he has nothing to complain about. And after seeing a brief glimpse of his house, I can confirm that.

5:43 The former MVP insists his life isn’t as glamorous as people may think, which is a tough claim to make when you can see San Francisco from his yard in the East Bay hills.

6:09 Durant earnestly says, “Hopefully you woke up on the right side of the bed this morning, and I hope you’re having a kick-ass day.” Somehow, thousands of Oklahoma City fans become enraged by this.

6:20 KD promises more content coming soon. This guy is a natural YouTube vlogger.

6:55 But, Durant forgot to tell us to like and subscribe to his page before leaving the shot, so maybe he’s not as natural of a YouTuber as I thought.

7:00 One parting shot of the Bay for good measure.

7:02 Fin.

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