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Katherine Jackson blames everyone except Michael Jackson for her son’s death

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It has been said that a mother’s love is blind, which might explain why Katherine Jackson sounded so woefully in denial about her son Michael this week during her wrongful death lawsuit against AEG.

The matriarch took the stand and placed the blame of his death solely at the feet of everyone except the King of Pop himself. She remained defiant, insisting that the entertainment company AEG watched her son “waste away” and did nothing to help him, according to the New York Daily News. Jackson also blames Michael’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, for his death. Katherine said she didn’t believe that her son was a drug addict and that she never saw him act “loopy.”

Hmm, maybe she should consult with Bubbles the chimp since he spent a lot of quiet evenings at home with her completely normal, non-loopy son.

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