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June Jordan high school adds security camera after shooting

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SFPD officers investigate the scene after students were injured in a shooting at June Jordan School of Equity in San Francisco’s Excelsior District Tuesday, October 18, 2016. (Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner)

The San Francisco Unified School District plans to bolster security at June Jordan School for Equity months after a shooting injured four students in the high school parking lot, according to district officials.

The Board of Education is scheduled to review Tuesday a $54,370 contract for work including the installation of a new security camera on the front door of the Excelsior district school where four students were shot Oct. 18, 2016.

“[June Jordan] is installing a doorbell on its front door so it can be opened remotely from the office,” SFUSD spokesperson Gentle Blythe said in an email. “Several other SFUSD schools have such a system. A new camera will be connected to the new door system.”

The school already has other security cameras installed like many other schools in the district, according to Blythe.

On the day of the incident, there was confusion between staff and police when officers entered the campus with their guns raised. Blythe said the school has completed a lockdown drill since the shooting.

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Police later arrested four suspects in connection with the shooting, whose names were not released since they are juveniles.

Prosecutors charged three suspects with attempted murder and assault with a firearm, according to the District Attorney’s Office. Their cases are still ongoing.

Prosecutors dropped the charges against the fourth suspect.

The contract, with Alpha Bay Builders, also includes fence repairs and the removal of overgrowth along Brazil Avenue.

Blythe said the fence repairs were requested prior to the shooting last October, and the plant removal is part of the “installation of a wetlands area on the school property, a project being planned with the school’s science department.”

The campus is embedded along the hillside and greenery of McLaren Park.

If approved Tuesday, the contract will also include a fume hood, emergency eyewash station and classroom ventilation.

S.F. Examiner Staff Writer Jonah Owen Lamb contributed to this report.

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