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Jesper Mortensen joins forces with Leah Hennessey to form MAKE OUT

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Remember that energetic little techno-pop duo from Denmark a few years back, Junior Senior?

They were around for a good solid decade, from ’98 to ’08. But what ever happened to the two guys?

Out of our rabid desire to share the greatest new music with you — really the only reason for our existence, truth be told — we are compelled to give you the latest whereabouts on one-half, multi-instrumentalist Jesper Mortensen, who grew bored with the Copenhagen scene not too long ago and relocated to New York City.

The first person he met there? One Leah Hennessey, a punk-fueled vocal powerhouse who also just happened to be the stepdaughter of New York Dolls legend David Johansen.

To put it mildly, fireworks ensued.

Mortensen played his new chum his latest, harder-rocking material, and she asked if she could sing/snarl over them. They added two more members, dubbed themselves MAKE OUT, and recently issued a rollicking debut EP, “How To,” featuring a sneering slice of ’70s-retro New Wave called “I Don’t Want Anybody That Wants.” A rousing anthem known to any regular listener of Little Steven’s satellite-radio station Underground Garage — it’s become a go-to staple on most of the DJs’ playlists.

Naturally, the group has already opened for the Dolls at the Big Apple’s hip Bowery Ballroom, and a full album is being plotted as you read this.

Catch MAKE OUT on the way up at www.makeoutwiththeinternet.com; they will be monstrous.

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