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Jerry Seinfeld, wife being sued for rejecting ‘ugly’ maids

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You can vacuum Jerry Seinfeld's house

Self-proclaimed “domestic broker to the stars” Adrian Smith helps celebs hire maids, and he has filed a lawsuit against the Seinfelds for rejecting his candidates, who, he claims, they called unattractive, old and fat. 

According to RadarOnline, Smith claims that Seinfeld’s rep said, “You must realize that both Jerry and Jessica work out almost two hours daily and they are obsessed with how they look and who they have around them.” (Sorry, but that sounds like B.S.) Smith’s the one who sounds like a nutter. He was once convicted of harassment, telling a client, “I will have a really great laugh when I see your house crumble,” adding, “I will have my revenge.”

Frankly, he sounds like a character on “Seinfeld.” Life imitating art?

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