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James Franco does disservice to art of poetry writing with 'Obama in Ashville'

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James Franco proved again how talented he is with a poem titled 'Obama in Ashville' in honor of the presidential inauguration. See the video below.

It’s hard to decide who has the worse ego: Donald Trump or James Franco. For today, let’s go with the latter, because Renaissance man Franco has penned a poem in honor of the presidential inauguration, and it is pretentious (duh) and god-awful (like, duh).

Called “Obama in Ashville,” (video below) it starts with allusions to F. Scott Fitzgerald and Cormac McCarthy and quickly devolves into stopping for a burrito while he ponders the difficulty of being an artist.

“I was asked to write something for the inauguration of his second term, but what could I write? I was in Asheville, studying writing, but not the political sort; I write confessions and characters, and that sort of thing.” Oh, you poor, tortured soul.    

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