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iPhone bandits target Hayes Valley

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People chatting on their iPhones have been targeted in a recent string of Hayes Valley robberies occurring in broad daylight.

Police are still looking for a teenager who they believe was involved in four separate incidents Saturday — three of which occurred within five minutes of each other.

The crime spree started around 11:30 a.m. and every victim was using an iPhone, Officer Boaz Mariles said.

In the first incident, the victim felt someone walking too closely behind him in the 500 block of Grove Street, turned around and saw a teenager put on a black ski mask, Mariles said. The victim ran and nothing was stolen.

Within minutes, a male was walking out of a store at Gough and Ivy streets while talking on his iPhone when three teenagers approached him — one who brandished a gun — and they took his phone, Mariles said.

Shortly after, another person was robbed of their iPhone just blocks away at Buchanan and Ivy streets by a teenager who simulated a gun, he said.

“They try to grab it while you’re using it so it’s not locked and they can see all your information,” Mariles said.

Around 9:10 p.m. a fourth person using an iPhone was approached by at least a couple of teenagers, one of which also brandished a gun, he said.

No one has been injured or arrested.


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