Homeless man who knocked out cop beaten by police before

This is a picture of Joshua Boling reportedly after his run-in with police July 11, 2014 near the Panhandle area of Golden Gate Park. He was treated by paramedics at the scene. (Courtesy Public Defender's Office)

A young homeless man is alleged to have knocked a San Francisco police officer unconscious last week, but that’s not the first time a violent struggle has ensued between both parties.

Joshua Boling, 23, was arrested in the Western Addition Sunday night when police allegedly saw him putting together a shotgun on a street corner. While trying to detain him at Octavia and Bush streets, police said Boling grabbed an officer by the waist and thrusted him into a wall, knocking him out.

But last July, the tables were turned and Boling was beaten by police. Boling was sitting on a bench with a woman in the Panhandle area of Golden Gate Park, when bicycle officers approached them. Boling began to walk away, but one of the officers followed and tried to stop him to talk.

Boling then ran into traffic on Fell Street and stopped across the street on the sidewalk. That’s when two officers caught up to him and one pulled out a baton, telling him to get on the ground.

But Boling took a “fighting stance,” the officer testified in court, according to the Public Defender’s Office. Under the impression that Boling had drawn a pocket knife from his pants, the officer struck him in the knee with the baton.

Boling was able to run away, again across Fell Street, and was chased at this point by six to 10 police officers. He was tackled near Oak and Divisadero Streets and put in a chokehold. An officer then punched him six times in the face and kicked him in the shoulder.

He was arrested, and acquitted in October of all eight felonies related to the scuffle, including two counts of assault on an officer.

On Wednesday, Boling pleaded not guilty to the three felonies and two misdemeanors against him in connection with the more recent incident, according to the Public Defender’s Office.

He is facing felony charges of resisting arrest, resisting arrest resulting in great bodily injury and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, and misdemeanors including battery on an officer and obstructing and resisting arrest.

The officer who was knocked out Sunday was taken to the hospital, treated for a head injury and released later that night. Another officer was struck across the face.

Police said they recovered the shotgun Boling was allegedly carrying, which is described as an engraved Diamond Pigeon Beretta Shotgun.

Boling is expected to appear in court July 8.

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