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'Grease' director invites fans to lend their voices

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Randal Kleiser, the director of “Grease,” talks about the new “Sing-a-Long” version of the hit 1978 film opening in theaters Thursday.

What inspired you to re-create “Grease” this way? Sing-a-longs started around 15 years ago and we used to project the lyrics using PowerPoint. Every time we wanted to change the words we had to hit the space bar, which was a sort of clunky way of doing things. Paramount caught on and started doing its own digitally remastered versions.

Why do you think there has been such a strong response to the “Grease Sing a-Long”? People like to be involved. The Internet has caused people to get used to participating, always clicking and communicating. Everyone knows the songs from “Grease” so this provides them with a way of really interacting with the film. Now they can do what they already do at karaoke.

What’s your personal reaction to the “Grease Sing-a-Long”?
I attended the screening at Hollywood Bowl and was shocked to see 18,000 people singing along to “Summer Nights.”

Why do you think “Grease” is such a prominent movie for people of all ages? Certainly the casting of John [Travolta] and Olivia [Newton-John] worked well because they are so iconic. Also, everyone can relate to the high school theme of the story, everyone knows the nerds and the jocks.

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