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Goose Gossage blasts Buster Posey, state of baseball

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National Baseball Hall of Fame electee Goose Gossage holds a plastic goose wearing a New York Yankees helmet. Gossage blasted the state of baseball for being too flashy on ESPN on Thursday. (Richard Drew/2008 AP)

Add Hall of Famer Goose Gossage to the growing list of oldtimers speaking out against the state of their respective games.

He wasn’t kind to one modern Giants hero on ESPN on Thursday when he said, “A bunch of fucking nerds running the game. You can’t slide into second base. You can’t take out the fucking catcher because [Buster] Posey was in the wrong position and they are going to change all the rules. You can’t pitch inside anymore. I’d like to knock some of these fuckers on their ass and see how they would do against pitchers in the old days.”

Posey wasn’t the only one targeted by the 64-year-old, he also called Jose Bautista and Yoenis Cespedes disgraces to the game, as well as complaining about Ryan Braun being cheered despite being suspended for steroids.

And, if you live in Gossage’s neighborhood, for the love of god, please stay off his lawn.